Friday, 20 May 2016

What's Your Home Worth?

What is the worth of my home? What price shall fetch me good return? Am I making a correct decision to sell my house or was there any inadequacy in evaluation of my property?

If these are some of the queries that are bothering you, you are simply few steps away from knowing your answers. Firstly, you need to understand what is meant by the term Free Home Evaluation, which often pops up on any real estate website. Free home evaluation or Comparative Market Analysis is a comparative report that gives you the price of all the properties similar to yours in a given neighbourhood; this enables you to estimate an approximate figure at which you can close the deal with the proper assistance of a listing agent.

There are indeed some very quick ways over the internet that can give you the results in just few minutes. But BEWARE, as there lays a great deal of suspect and inaccuracy, when it comes to real estate information, and most particularly, the home values. The equity in your home is equivalent to any other investment that you closely follow, then, why not be vigilant and carefully monitor your house property.

There are several important aspects that you need to consider and reconsider while selling your home, one of them is PRICE at which you list your property. It’s true that we want the most for our property. But the most educated decision would be not to list your home at an exorbitant price as it will lead to loss of interest among the prospective buyers even before they see your property. There will be unnecessary delay and ultimately you will be forced to come down on the price. Similarly, it won’t be a sound decision if you list your property very low, this usually happens when one is uninformed and misguided on evaluation of its property.

Other important aspects to ponder upon are legal and tax issues, as there are contracts as well as closings that you need to handle. If you are a layman in this area, it’s better to seek expert’s advice, as the slightest slip on your part can lead to serious consequences. Further, the financing option that you decide on whether to refinance or get a new mortgage; all these are crucial facets of home selling process, which essentially requires expert’s assistance.

We are there to help you analyze your home property as well as present market situation, and come up with a unique solution by finding the perfect price to sell your property quickly with our proven marketing plan. Having a great deal of experience in this domain, we assure you the best professional service. All you need to do is, fill up a simple form and our team will get back to you shortly with a comprehensive report. We reassure you that the information provided to us will be highly confidential, will not be furnished to any third party unless you approve it and will solely be used for the purpose of home evaluation.

AJ Lamba Team provides complete assistance to all your real estate needs and queries. Contact AJ Lamba Team today at 905-502-9944 for any query on buying/selling your home.

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